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Help with 1890's Primrose and West Musical program

I refinish antique furniture as a hobby, and I recently came across an old Minstrel show program shoved behind a drawer in a dresser I was working on. I love antiques, but unfortunately I don't know anything about this type of thing. I attempted to research it online, but really didn't come across much.
I'm hoping that you may have some information on this, or at least possibly direct me in the proper direction. I feel pretty strongly that this must have some historical significance somewhere, and would love to get it into the right hands where it can be appreciated.

 I have attached a photo of the front and the back of the program for your review. From what I could find. I dated it about 1870, obviously by The famous minstrel duo "Primrose and West". From what saw online they were pretty famous/controversial.
Thanks. I'd love to get an idea of where to go with this

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