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Hidden flask cane or walking stick with second hidden compartment

Cane with flask removed and second compartment open
Cane with metal with metal ball top unscrewed revealing flask

This is a wooden cane with a metal bottom tip and a sort of ball on the top it unscrews to reveal a test tube like flask attached to a cork. And in the ball part at the very top of the cane, that that unscrews to reveal just an empty hidden compartment. It is 33 in in length and I do not know how to identify woods or metals so that's about all I got

General Antiques and Collectibles
I'm not 100% sure would body of Cain and the tip and handle parts are metal
Distinguishing marks: 
there are no stamps or marks of any kind that I can see
Size and dimensions of this item: 
33 inches long
For Sale?: 

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