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Japan, 1 Bu Silver Coin


Hi all,

I have a 1 Bu coin that I aquired many years ago while stationed in Korea.

It is nicely centered, and has 1 inverted Cherry Blossom on each side.

Minimal wear. The indentation mark is very nice compared to others I have seen, its not a "blocked" and has more flair. This made it difficult to find an exact match, but I assume these were hand struck, so variations will exist. Is there a way to identify the local mint where it was struck?

Is there value to the coin? I plan on going to get a bezel for it and give it to my daughter. I just want to be sure its something of value before I do that.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate the comments,


Coins and Currency
Distinguishing marks: 
Don't know....
Date Period: 
1800 - ??
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Approx. 23 cm. X 16 cm.
Acquired in Korea many years ago from a coin dealer. Unable to find exact marks, close, but all others seem to have more "blocked" indentation stamps. These are more fluid.
For Sale?: 

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