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Martin Furniture Blue Blazes Line 880 Golden Oak

Antique China Hutch - Glass side panels with origianal key for locking door.. Very good condition. Three shelves plus bottom. 

The history on this item goes back to the 1800's when it was purchased by my wife's Mother's Aunt. who lived in North Carolina.. When the Aunt died, my wife's Grandfather inherited the Hutch and it lived in his home until he died. My wife's Mother kept it in her dining room until she became disabled and had to downsize to a small apartment. My wife and I have owned and kept it in our living room for figurine and doll display for the past twenty-three years where it now lives. 

Distinguishing marks: 
Martin Furniture Hickory N.C. Label including model name and number on the back of China Hutch
Date Period: 
Mid to late 1800's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
44" wide X 60" Tall
In our family since manufactured in Hickory, N.C.
For Sale?: 

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