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Monarch Electric & coal\wood stove

Monarch Electric combination cook stove with coal\wood. Based on the patent numbers and the US patent office, this unit COULD date back to the mid 30's, but my research of the model and serial numbers have turned no results. Features the backsplash shelf that has a working timer and a double bulb light fixture. There is a blue chimney on the rear side. The oven has multiple cooking levels and the door houses a temperature gauge. On the left side of the unit is the coal\wood recepticle and the ash bin is directly underneath. The right side is what I believe is called the oven canner, correct me if I'm wrong. The lid lifter handle is attached to the unit and coal\wood and ash recepticle drawer pulls are present. Electric range controls are located on a panel on the right side of the unit. Original base is also present. I acquired this from the owner of an industrial property in which the unit had been stored for possibly decades, as the building had been empty for many years following factory closure. I know it's a gem and I'm anxious to get it restored. The porcelain coating on the exterior is intact, with only a few blemishes and rust on the interior is minimal. The only thing missing is the oven door handle. A thorough cleaning and it'll be good as new and ready to be the MVP of every meal. It is for sale.

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