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Navajo Chariote Cuff Bracelet

I have a gorgeous sterling navajo cuff bracelet with hinges on both sides and a hook and eye closure. It weighs about 100 gms and is stamped 'A Platero' and 'Sterling' inside. There is one square ( 2.3 x 3cm) charoite stone in the center surrounded by 6 round (1cm across) stones, 3 on each side. It's width is 4.3cm. I cant find anything like it online. I find plenty of 'Platero' cuff bracelets but nothing like this. Anything you can shed light on (maker, origin, value) would be greatly appreciated!

Jewelry and Gemstones
Sterling silver and , I believe, charoite.
Distinguishing marks: 
A Palero and Sterling
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Circumference is 21cm including stones, inside diameter is 6.3 X 5cm, width is 4.3cm, square stone is 3.3 X 2cm, small round ones are 1cm across.
Approx 100gms.
My grandmother acquired this somewhere in the southwest, New Mexico, Nevada, or Arizona.
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