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Need info on Stump work on silk with couching Asian Antique??


This is a stump work on silk with couching appears to be very antique, warrior or emporor has Chinese writing on headdress.  The man appears to possibly be an emporor or god as he is holding the strings to a large decorative tower piece on his right sholder which has billowing clowds above it. (Volcano?)  It has jeweling, the shadow frame piece also appears to be antique.  

Asian Art
silk, and jeweling, beads, thread?
Distinguishing marks: 
headdress has Chinese lettering
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
2.5' high x 1.5 wide framed
unknown was told purchased in Thailand
For Sale?: 
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It may have been bought in Thailand but I don't think you can get away from the fact that he has Kanji (Chinese characters) on his hat. Thailand was never ruled by China and although they incorporated many Chinese words into their vocabulary, they never adopted the Chinese writing system. 

I don't see him as holding strings at all - note how a "string" comes down behind wrist on his left hand (right as we look at it), I think this is just part of a fanciful decoration. What I do see in HIS right hand (left as we look at picture) is a rigid brown stick which I believe belongs to a furled flag of some sort because of the different coloured cloths and slightly unfurled edge at bottom. It is easy to come up with a western image like "volcano" for a conical shape, but think yourself into the time and picture. Why do I say perhaps "flag" for example? To me it seems to tie in with the fact he (I'm going to say Emperor) is wearing ceremonial chainmail, which came in with the Tang Dynasty when the Emperor was gifted chainmail for the first time in China, and it then became incorporated with cloth as an indicator of rank. But this is a very hard one to crack...

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