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Pair (2) beautiful and stylish vintage torchieres. Any info would be appreciated.

I am looking for any information about this pair of torchieres. They were purchased at an obscure flea market that sold everything from tires to shower seats to grandmother's vintage Corellware.  I found them to be very stirking and grand, if you will. They only attractive item there. The price was unbelievable, $14. I am quite sure they have more value, even if it is merely decorative.

I  have searched the internet attempting to identify a "period". That left me even more confused. I  found like  similar examples catagorized as Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Arts & Crafts. They appear to be brass. Though, I would not call them heavy. I do not have a scale available. They are in excellent condition, no scratches, dings, dents, nor knicks. The deminisons are:

          Height: 25in, 63.5cm

          Drip plate:  5in, 12.7cm

          Beaded Strands:  10cm, 25.4cm

          Base:  6in, 15.24cm

If anyone has any knowledge or information about this pair, please, share with me.  I appreciate any and all feedback.

Warmest regards,



Decorative Arts
Distinguishing marks: 
No markings
Date Period: 
In need of more info.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Overall height: 25in, 63.5cm Drip plate: 5in, 12.7cm Beaded strands: 10in, 25.4em Base:6in, 15.2cm
Purchased at a flea market. Seeking information.
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