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Paul Detlefsen "Horse and Buggy Days"

Posted by Anonymous (not verified)
possible sale
Horse and Buggy Days, signature visible in left lower corner

I have a 36" wide, 24" tall, Paul Detlefsen "Horse and Buggy Days" painting- probably a print? It is in a wooden frame with a metal nameplate at the bottom of the frame. The nameplate says "Horse and Buggy Days" with Paul Detlefsen underneath that. The painting is in excellent condition. On the back of the painting there are 2 stickers: one says Illinois Moulding Co., Chicago, Illinois, with the numbers P155 and underneath that V1583-102. Underneath the numbers it says "Horse and Buggy Days". The signature on the front of the painting: the "P" in Paul is in bright reddish-orange print, as is the "D" in the last name. The other letters are black.

If anyone can give me more information on this painting, I would certainly appreciate it. Is the painting of any value, or a great painting that should be held on to? Is there any way to tell when this print was made? And how do you tell an original from a print?  Thanks to anyone who reads this and can help me out!

Distinguishing marks: 
Paul Detlefsen
Size and dimensions of this item: 
36x24 not counting dimensions of frame
This painting belonged to an elderly lady, who had it for years. Not sure where she obtained it, or exactly how long she owned it--but it was a long time.
For Sale?: 


clarkfam6's picture

And my sister just saw this painting/print at a thrift store yesterday. They wanted $40 for it. It brings back so many great memories. Ugh she didn’t buy it. But she said she looked it up on line and could find it for $15. But once you put a frame on it.... you are more than $40. Good luck- it’s a neat picture. 

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