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Print by Eduarde Catano

I found this Print in my Grandfather's attic and can't find any information on the Artist, Eduarde Catano. I'm sending a picture of the Print with this mail. Thanks for any help you may provide me with. Jim Geib

Size and dimensions of this item: 
32" X 20"
Less than 1 lb.
For Sale?: 


tuffgongc9's picture

I love the print.  This is Eduardo Catano (not Eduarde).  If you search Eduardo Catano you should see many more similar prints. He was making these in the 1930s and 1940s.

This is from the 1940s. It may be a calendar top.  Supposedly it shows a beautiful pin up model in Mayan garb about to be sacrificed to the Mayan gods. The exact same one sold for $50 on Ebay in 2010.

Different prints oh his sell for $20-$50 while whole calendars can get up to $100. This is my personal favorite of the ones I've seen.

Ravalos's picture

Hi Sr, Eduardo Catano is a really good Painter- His Master was Pastel Technique, there are just a few of Him inspired by Prehispanics, if you look carefully in one of the bottom corner there must be the Reference of the Printer, I am preatty sure it is 1930s since all the cromo prints inspiration starded as prehispanics in those years, If you would like to share the full Illustration with me(Digital File), I would share some of him with you too. If you are planning to sell it... I would like to get it. I Hope I can hear from you soon.


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