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Small black children emerging from eggs with frogs

I have a two piece set of painted porcelain sculptures that depict small black children emerging from eggs surrounded by a couple of cartoon-like frog characters.

They have been in my grandmother's house for over 40 years and in the family for at least 57 years. I have no idea how old they truely are but they definitely belong to different age of social sensibility. I hope nobody is offended by them or the title I gave them, it is what it is I guess. LOL I could find no markings on them identifying the manufacturer or dating them. Two "experts" have come by the house over the years scavenging as they seem to do in some of the retirement communities here in Florida. Niether of them could offer any insight but rated them as in "Mint" condition and offered money on the spot. ($40 and $200) This only spiked my grandmother's curiosity and I've joked about them over the years but this is the first time I've saught appraisal. I would like to understand more about them, where they came from and how much they are worth. The piecses have some humorus sentimental value to the family and I vowed that if they were passed to me I'd never sell them.  However, they're not mine to keep and I was told today She would part with them if they would fetch a nice price. Feel free to let me know if you have any interest in them or who would and I will connect you. Thanks, Jerome

Ceramics and Porcelains
Distinguishing marks: 
None found yet
Date Period: 
Unknown but it has been in my family for at least 57 years that I can verify.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
each of them is roughly 4 inches tall
a few ounces each - I would have them weighed if that's important
Passed down a couple of times in my family - details in the long description.
For Sale?: 
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