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W. Persona (Parsons) 4 oil paintings Clown Financial

 Parsons / Persona Emmett Kelley 1
 Parsons / Persona Emmett Kelley 2
 Parsons / Persona Emmett Kelley 3
 Parsons / Persona Emmett Kelley 4 Acrillic

4 W. Parsons (Persona) of Clown financial stock market crash.  Largest 14x 18 in, Wood framed. Oil on hardboard, Signed Persona.  Two others 12 x 16 in wood framed Oil on Hardboard.   4th picture is acrillic with dime store ring on Finger See Pictures.  Circa 1970's.

Oil on Board
Distinguishing marks: 
Signed as Persona - aka W. Parsons
Date Period: 
1970's - 1980
Size and dimensions of this item: 
each item 12 x 16in in wood frame. Largest is 14 x 18 in in Wood frame
Originally purchased in Maui ~ 1980. Keep in family.
For Sale?: 

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