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Sprague & Carleton "Patriot" Dresser (no mirror) & Matching Nightstand

Given to us a few years ago by a friend who's grandmother previously owned it. It is very heavy with a few scratches here and there but overall has held up very nicely. I couldn't find much information on the company "Sprague & Carleton" and nothing about a "Patriot" line. It is dovetailed, and has an eagle and three star design on every handle.

American Furniture
Hardwood (Maple?)
Distinguishing marks: 
Blue sticker inside top drawer on nightstand with "Sprague & Carleton" and underneath "Patriot", also has an eagle and three star design carved into each brass handle
Date Period: 
60s or 70s?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Very Heavy!
For Sale?: 


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

We were married in 1965 and bought a Sprague & Carleton bedroom set (everyone bought sets then) in maple. We have the man's chest on chest, a cannonball queen size bed, a commode nightstand, and a double bureau with the mirror (it looks like yours except for the center bank of small drawers. We paid about $1,000 for the set then; it's definitely much better quality than what is on the market today, except for really high-end furniture. Unfortunately I don't really love this set anymore, except for the man's chest. But I can't justify spending $3,000 for just a new bed now that my husband is retired. So I try to appreciate it for its quality and sentimental value.

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