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Japanese prints

Thank you for looking in advance. I don't know a lot on these items. I believe that they are japanese woodblock prints, but that is all I know. Do not know the age of them or the artist. Some insight would be greatly appreciated. I have about 60 in total. Thanks again. 

Asian Art
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Varying in size but mostly around 8 x 13
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Rilki's picture

I've not been able to identify two of your prints, but you do have the following prints (click on each link to view examples held in Museums):

1. Chokosai Eisho,

2. Utagawa Kunimasa,

3. Toshusai Sharaku,

The next question is: Are they originals or are they re-cuts? Only a closer examination can tell. 

Try take  and post better photos, preferably under natural light; plus post photos of the back of each print as well.  The photo of the back is as important as the photo of the front.  Look at the margins for any publisher's marks.

And the final question will be: What conditions is each of the print in?  What's their story/provinance.

In my opinion, they might be re-cuts or reproductions, due in part of the presence of Sharaku's print in the lot.  Original Sharaku's prints are extremely rare and very expensive.



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