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Edison Little folks bedroom set with crib, youth bed, chest of drawers and chiffarobe. Nautical theme

In good condition.  Purchased in the 1940's.  

American Furniture
Distinguishing marks: 
nautical theme with propeller and wheel
Date Period: 
Belonged to my brother as a child. He would be 76 years old now.
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Here's what I have from my records about the company"

"Thomas Alva Edison, the famous inventor, bought the Wisconsin Chair Company of New London, Wisconsin, in 1917 and changed the name to Wisconsin Panel and Cabinet Company. The factory made cabinets for Edison phonographs. Later, the name of the company became Edison Wood Products. A line of children’s furniture was introduced in 1927. It was sold under the name “Edison Little Folks Furniture” beginning in 1937. The parent company merged with McGraw Electric Company in 1957 and became McGraw-Edison. Edison Wood Products continued operating under that name until 1969 when the Simmons Company bought McGraw-Edison and Edison Little Folks furniture became Simmons Juvenile Furniture."

Your set would probably go at auction for about $600.00.

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