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Pocket knives

A few more than what i posted, dont know much about them, look old to me. Just curious to learn a little bit more about them, the rest are pretty similair to the others ive posted, wouldnt sell them regardless of the worth as a family member left them to me, more curious than anything, thanks in advance.

Silver and Silver Overlay
Silver, stainless steel, enamel (not 100 percent)
Distinguishing marks: 
Plenty of hall marks and signatures, to many to say
For Sale?: 


Nebseni's picture

I've been helping a friend identify some of her vintage knives, and I've got a question for you about one of them I think I saw recently during my searching for her's. Could you get clearer pictures of the bottom knife in you hand in the second to last picture. I'm thinking that's one is similar to one she's got that I've seen going for about 300. Just lay it out on a cloth background to be able to get nice steady photos, and be sure to get close up photos that are readable for any stamps or markings that are on it. Normally the manufacturer will have a stamp on the blade towards the bottom near the handle.

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Submitted by SG8

I am unable to send pics on this site for some reason but the markings are of a lion, a crown, the letter M and then the letters GM.

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