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1921 MorganSilver Dollar No Mint Mark Hutchinson Bank Opening

I've had this coin for years and have always been curious of its value. Or is it just worth its coin value? I believe it is uncirculated but I'm not 100%. No Mint Mark. 

Coins and Currency
90% Silver, 10% Copper
Date Period: 
inherited from grandfather
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mikelt98's picture

Mark: For coins, condition is everything. Yours appears to have good detail, but looks like there are some spots on it. Retail, this would go for $20-$25 - unless there is a flaw I'm missing. If you were to go to a coind shop and sell it based on the silver content alone, you could get $17-18.

BCVZant's picture

Just wanted to say ditto to above comment; folks often think "old" = "valuable"; nothing could be further from the truth.  "rarity + condition"= valuable; Your coin, while nearing 100 years old, is the most common Morgan dollar ever minted.  No mint mark means she was born in Philadelphia along with nearly 45 million of her sisters.  U.S. was playing catch up with a monetary shortage following WWI.  "Melt"; (as in raw silver value; please GOD Don't really "melt" it) is a bit over $14, Above commentator is quite correct, on eBay you would be lucky to get more than $25.  Unless it means nothing to you, put it in the cedar chest and leave a note for the great-grandkids.  Check back with me in about a hundred years and we'll see if the value has changed.

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