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1975 Magnavox Venetian console stero

Considering all offers.
All the original papers
Original hanging tag

Hello recently bought this 1975 Magnavox Venetian Spirit of 76 bicentennial collection piece it was still in the box. I have all original tags papers receipts ,bolts and more. I need help so far I can only read about this 76 collection piece and have went back many years looking for one that has sold or selling from EBay in the US to all over the world with no luck finding much out about this beautifully painted and styled magnavox Venetian 6460. I have found another two piece from the collection yet neither were in this condition its like brand new and have ended up No matter how many differwnt ways ilook trying to find another that has sold in this great condition if anyone out there could help me I would be greatful. It is stereo .8 track and record players has 2 built in 10 inch Bass super subwoofers and 2 tweeters at 3.5 inch each. Yes I plugged it in it rocks nicely it should it came right out of its original box. I am interested in parting with it as far as I have seen from Magnavox this it truly their most beautifulliest stereo they made and they said it is " Old world artistry brought into the new world.". This I must say is the most AWESOME looking console no have ever seen. I have all the bolts and screws also and have included pictures so if anyone out there can get further then I have regardimg value etc,please let me know because I,cannot find one at all for sale or that has sold I just end up finding a few pictures that end me up at the same place in the end "The History of magnavox thats it. Thank you all and good luck

Vintage Electronics
Solid wood top trimmings and very well built.
Distinguishing marks: 
Magnavox Venetian 6460 Spirit of 76 bicenntinal Collection. Not Philips,Magnavox just Magnavox.
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Around 3 foot long by 2 1\2 ft tall 1 ft deep.
Yet to weight guessing at 50 pounds.
I opened this item myself I unboxed it had been in storage it's a Collection piece by Magnavox it is very very clean front back,in and out.
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Not much demand for consoles of this vintage, used examples often sell for under $150.00. You might get more for this one is it is in very good working condition, but it would still be a hard sell in the current market


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