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Imari Charger Plate

Need it appraised to determin price, not listed for sale anywhere at this time.

Hello, I have an unusual Imari Charger plate my Parents received when they were married in Japan in 1948. My father was an Ensign in the Navy after graduating from the USNA in 1967 and my mother's father was a Navy Captain(USNA 1929) who was in command of a liberty ship. Looking for some information about the plate . Thank you, Charles Winkler.

Could not upload some of my photos, they are small rez jpegs, 8 total.

Asian Art
Distinguishing marks: 
Mark on bottom is smudged, plate is in near pristine condition, one small chip on bottom ring where metal hook hanger is installed. I have closeup spics of that and the front as well. Looks like the blue circle in center of front was not finished being painted.
Date Period: 
1850's or earlier
Size and dimensions of this item: 
18.5" diameter, 2.5 inches deep
Been in my family since 1948, rarely or never used, sat on dark wood easel during that time.
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Has all the appearances of being a japanese Imari piece, including spur marks on the base, but the identification of oriental porcelain is a specialist field. All I can say is comparable pieces go at auction in the $250- $475.00 range.

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