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Berkey and Gay sideboard/buffet table

I believe this is a sideboard/buffet table. Built by Berkey and Gay (I believe that company was based in Michigan)  and from what I can tell online, the seal indicates it was built beween 1905-1929. Received from my parents. They bought it from a well-off individual in the mid 90's. Not sure what they paid. 

My interior designer aunt said the legs might inidciate Dutch styling.

Looking to get rough idea of price and market for this type of furniture. Might be loking to sell or potentialy use consignment.

Wood. Possibly walnut?
Distinguishing marks: 
Berkey and Gay seal (the seal was used between 1905-1929 I believe)
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
78" wide x 21" depth x 35" height
80-100 lbs (approximate - not sure)
Received from parents. They bought it from well-off individual in San Diego, CA. Not sure where he bought it but he appeared to be an avid antique collector.
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Very odd looking design, almost looks like a sofa table that has been cut in two. B&G made a great deal of Revival style furniture patterned after 17th through 19th Century European and Colonial American furniture. Values for it vary depending on condition and style, at auction a piece like this might go for $150.00 currently.

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