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Antique possible Victorian/ Tapestry wall hanging

This item was bought by a family member from an opportunity shop. It's origins are unknown and we are unable to access the creators name as it is covered behind the frame.

i know there is replica european tapestry , if this one is real how much would it be worth? It's about 2mx1m in length/width. This one was bought in Melbourne Australia not sure if that helps.

if anyone could shed some light on the origins and worth of this item that'd be awesome 

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Most of these tapestries look older than they really are, depicting the work of well known 18th Century artists or depicted scenes from legends heightening this effect. Very few of this type predate 1900, examples like this tend to postdate 1925. By the beginning of the 20th Century technology had advanced sufficiently to enable machines to create tapestries. There followed a vogue for such pieces and large numbers were made in classic styles. Most of these were made in muted colors to achieve the effect of age. Factories for these tapestries were usually located around Paris and in Northern France (or Belgium). Sometimes manufacturers labels were attached but if this is missing it is impossible to determine a maker.

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