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Abbotwares Lady Godiva Tube Radio #Z477

Rare Abbotwares Z477 Lady Godiva tube radio. I don't see any visible cracks or breaks and the mount to the base is sturdy.The horse is missing the bridle but there is one loop of the bridle still attached. It does have small scratches and blemishes as can be seen in the photos. If you have a question regarding condition I will do my best to answer. I tried to capture the finish in the photos as best as I could. I have wiped it off but it has NOT been polished. If you would like a photo from a different angle please ask. I did plug it in and the tubes lit up and I could hear white noise. It weighs approximately 16lbs and is just under 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide. 

Music and Music Instruments
metal & bronze
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
16" x 12"
16 lbs
Unsure of the history of the piece.
For Sale?: 


pdq301654's picture

I chose Fair condition because it does turn on and you can hear white noise. I've looked under a magnifying glass and can't find any cracks. I'm afraid to clean the dust off too much because I don't know if I should try to clean it more. 

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