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Ritter painting

Can you please give me estimate of this Ritter signed vintage or older painting?  I found it in my dads attic 40 years ago.  


Thank you


Distinguishing marks: 
signed by artist Ritter
Date Period: 
idk displayed in my parents home over 40 years ago or longer
Size and dimensions of this item: 
45" X 33"
it was displayed in my parent house for years and then given to me but i have no idea of what the value is of this painting
For Sale?: 
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i wonder wear did you this painting becuas i have the same painting in my Apt just the same painter same pictur but difrennt vew. as known to me my picture is from my grandmother years ago from about 1930s

if you want i can send you a photo of my version of the painting

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I started researching the other Ritter painting and will add here what I’ve found so far.
Just a guess but of the arch ruins, crumbling arch paintings I’ve looked at this morning yours feels most like this one is external)
I am wondering if the artist that did yours was basing his painting off of it.
I have no idea of value but would guess it was painted more as decor rather than fine art. I’ll come back if I find better info.
I found a floral here also signed Ritter
And one on Etsy is external)
Okay, this is getting weird but there are two clown paintings here of the same clown. If you look at the recent comments here on the right side you’ll see links to them. I was searching Ritter and came up with a print that was the original inspiration for the clown paintings. Here’s a link to that is external)
So, I think JULIAN RITTER is the starting point in finding out info about this painting.
Here’s a link to Julian Ritter
The question is yours authentic or someone copying his. Not 100% sure but with the clown paintings here it’s an odd coincidence in the least and Julian Ritter was known mostly for clowns and nudes.
This link is to a Julian Ritter art plate. I chose it for the clear signature
Here’s another good signature
He also signed just Julian.
Anyway, not sure if I’ve found any answers as the subject matter seems off from what he’d paint.
If it is him this group might help
In the end I don’t think this is Julian Ritter. There being two almost alike, just like the two almost alike clown paintings (that were based on a Julian Ritter painting) feels weird. I could be totally wrong and would love to hear what someone else has to say. Lots of words to end up saying I don’t know.

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