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Photo upload

Why won't it let me upload photos I've tried all different ways and it keeps picking different ones each time not to upload. It's like it's playing games with me and I'm about done with it. 

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Joseph's picture
Submitted by Joseph on

We apologize, but we had a bug with photo uploads where some photos would not upload to the site. This has been resolved so you should no longer have any issues uploading photos or submitting an appraisal request.

n1cf2's picture
Submitted by n1cf2 on

I have tried multiple times to upload 3 jpeg images, each one under 3MB, and the upload stalls at 55%. Can this be addressed?

n1cf2's picture
Submitted by n1cf2 on

I just tried again. No change. The upload of the three images stalls at 55%, 61%, and 52%.

dohman81's picture
Submitted by dohman81 on

Hi. I just signed up and my photos won't load. Getting the same errors described in this thread. Any ideas?

Musesmom's picture
Submitted by Musesmom on

I am having the same issue. Only goes to 23%. I have switched browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and computers.

Mthibla's picture
Submitted by Mthibla on

I've been trying to upload photos for a week and it still isn't working. I've tried from my phone and from a computer. How do I get them to upload?

Tesa79's picture
Submitted by Tesa79 on

Same as above. All JPEG, 2MB or less, gets to 40%-75% and gives error message. I have tried repeatedly. Very frustrating time drain on my already crazy work schedule.

Is it possible to be notified when there is a fix?

Thank you!

Montessori55's picture

I have spent hours trying to upload pictures - I even downloaded new Adobe reader. It took on picture and then took it away. Guessing you still have bugs to work out?

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