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Exquisite Minh Dynasty Vases & Tea Set

Exquisite colorful Ming Dynasty Dynasty porcelain pottery and Tea Set.
You are looking at a rare antique Chinese porcelain vase from the Ming Dynasty, the vase has a gourd with a round shape, decorated with floral blossom and intricate pattern along with some beautiful gemotric art works.

This is a very rare piece from an era long gone, porcelain pieces from the Ming Dynasty are considered as very rare, and this colorful cream, green, deep maroon porcelain vase features rare art.

This items have been with the family for three generations original mings coffee set s vase which is about 2 feet. These were gifted to my grandfather by the emperor of China when he was the military attachee these then we're with my father form 1960 till 2004 after these my father gave these to me as a gift of love honour on my husband reaching the rank of Lt Gen.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but these are not Ming china or even Chinese. The tea set is actually Japanese Satsuma . There should be markings on the bottom, plese post images of the markings and I can tell you more about the set.

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