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Fireplace Mantel Tiger Oak

Hey everyone, I am looking to hopefully get an appraisal for a mantel that was in our house when we moved in. It is an antique-style over the fireplace mantel and is made of what appears to be tiger oak. The mantle removes as a large single piece. A tag on the backside indicates the manufacture date as March 10, 2009. There is some damage at the base of the pillars, from what I assume to be dogs having chewed on it. Other than that it is in great condition.

Thanks for your help!

Tiger Oak
Date Period: 
March 10, 2009
Size and dimensions of this item: 
~ 5' x 7' x 1' (W x H x D)
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

It was actually made in 1909, it's in the "Empire Revival" Style which was popular from the turn of the 19th Century through to about the outbreak of World War One (1914). They last peaked in value in the early 1990's when demand for Late Victorian Decor was at its peak when these often sold at auction for $800.00- $1500.00, one might go for $500.00 these days.

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