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Flamed empire dresser with unusual open-flamed sides

I have this empire dresser, dimensions are 45x41x20. I got it north of Boston MA. It's clearly a flamed empire dresser, but the way the curvy sides are done is so cool and looks different to me - how they come away from the body of the dresser. The matched wood grain is absolutely gorgeous and I love how it's matched through the big drawers and then also up into the two little drawers, in one big continuum. The folks I spoke to when I bought it remembered it had come from a guy who was selling his house and wanted to get rid of furniture for staging. That's all I know. The knobs look original to me. I'd love to know if there is a possibility of identifying a maker, or even a list of potentials and if they are in/around Boston. If it's possible to identify the wood, that would be great too. I'm assuming it's from 1820-1840 as I understand that was the most popular time for this style, but I'd love to have that confirmed or corrected. I'd love to know what the story is with the swoopy sides. And of course if there is a way to estimate value I'd love to know that too!

American Furniture
Wood (Walnut and mahogany?)
Distinguishing marks: 
Dramatically curved sides ("flames")
Date Period: 
Empire period, presumably
Size and dimensions of this item: 
For Sale?: 
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