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Kämmer & Reinhardt Doll w/ Simon & Halbig Head, K (STAR) R

This is as far as I can get with this doll. Cannot find value or recent sales. The number on her neck appears to be 43.. But, I cannot find that model anywhere. She is 16.5" tall, and has the rounded wood knees.

Dolls and Plush Toys
not sure
Distinguishing marks: 
K , star w/ and & in the middle, R on the back of her head along with Simon & HalBig name and number on her neck that looks to be 43?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
16.5" tall
For Sale?: 
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Your little girl is indeed a Kammer & Reinhardt. She is called a “dolly face” with feathered eyebrows and pierced ears. The head was made by Simon & Halbig for K*R, thus the two names. Most of the K*R heads were made by Simon & Halbig as well. The number 43 is her size and having no three digit mold number tells me she is an early doll. Her size and those smaller are very desirable as they will display well in standard cabinets.

Both manufacturers are well known in the collecting world as two of the finest German makers of dolls in their time. The head of these old dolls is the most important feature, it should free of chips and or hairline cracks. Checking the head is simple, take the doll into a dim room and place a flashlight directly over the top opening, it will illuminate like a light bulb and you’ll be able to see a crack if it exists. With vintage to antique clothing, a mohair wig and being free of hairline cracks she would sell easily between $300-$400 USD in today’s market.

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