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Korean Black Mother-of-Pearl Wardrobe

I have a Korean black mother-of-pearl wardrobe that I would like to get an appraisal for.

My maternal grandmother bought this as a wedding gift for my mother when my mother got married in the 1970s. As my parents immigrated to the U.S., they brought the wardrobe with them and the cabinet has stayed here ever since.

My mother now wants to sell the wardrobe since she wants to downsize her belongings. We also have other small mother-of-pearl furniture that we are considering selling but currently our focus is on this wardrobe.

I personally find this wardrobe very beautiful as it is more delicate than the other type of mother-of-pearl wardrobes that have bigger pieces of mother-of-pearls on them. My mother says she heard that the mother-of-pearl artwork on the front of the wardrobe was hand-made, however, we are not certain.

The artwork depicts life of the Koreans during the old days.

The wardrobe consists of three pieces. The one pictured on the far left originally belongs in the middle between the other two pieces. The one pictured on the far left is used for comforters (pillows, blankets, etc.) while the other two are used for the husband and wife, one for each.

There is no separate ‘frame’ or ‘lid’ that goes either on the top or bottom of all three pieces. In other words, each of the three pieces stand individually and there are small legs on the bottom of each of the three pieces.

There is normal wear and tear including chipping but overall the wardrobe is in good condition.

The dimensions are as follows:

Total length: 144” = (48“ x 3) = (121.92 cm x 3) = 365.76 cm

Height: 82 1/2” = 209.55 cm

Depth: 26 1/4” = 66.67 cm

wood & mother-of-pearl
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