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Mahogany Nite Stand - Antique Night Stand


This is an old “nite” stand that was my great-grandmother's from when she lived in California (the 70s and 80s according to my mom). We don’t know who made this piece and I cannot find anything about it EXCEPT for a very similar piece that user @kvwestover has, which is the whole reason I made this account. The bottom has an R on it, which I presume is an initial/signature of the person's name who made this piece; however, my mother doesn’t know the story of how my great grandmother got the piece or anything else. The wood burned/stamped label on the back reads as follows: [NO.K.336 NITE STAND] [SAPELI VENEER MHG.FIN] [25010] [1-51E] [2708-K336-G] [MAH.] There is also that flowery liner that I found in the drawer, which my mom was unsure if it was part of the original piece or if it may have been a separate purchase by my great-grandmother. I do worry that some of the “6” in the label might be a “G”, but if you know anything about this piece, who made it, anyone who would like to buy it, and/or how much it would sell for I’d be greatly appreciative and I hope the photos I’ve taken are decent quality (taken with an iPhone 8+).

Mahogany (presumably) wood and either brass or silver-plated brass.
Distinguishing marks: 
The stamp on the back is the most distinguishing mark: [NO.K.336 NITE STAND] [SAPELI VENEER MHG.FIN] [25010] [1-51E] [2708-K336-G] [MAH.] Additionally, there is an R on the underside of it (I will attempt to upload a picture in a moment)
Date Period: 
User @kvwestover on here has a very similar piece with equally similar stamping mentioned (incorrect spelling of Sapele Veneer, "Sapeli") and he references 1920-1930s; as far as my mom knows, the chest was my great-grandmother's in the 70s and 80s.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
[15.75in front to back] [16.75in side to side] [30.625in height]
Unknown; as stated before, it was my great-grandmother's during the 70s and 80s but after that it became my grandmother's briefly before coming to be in my mom's possession.
For Sale?: 
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It's a mass produced item of a type made in the Colonial Revival style by any number of furniture companies from the late 1960's through 1980's. Most of the big name makers would have had the company name included in the stamp on the back or labeled or badged inside a drawer. No big value, comparables often noe sell for about $75.00 at auction.

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