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Mysterious Antique Table

I found this small antique coffee table buried in my grandmother's garage. I do not recall, growing up, ever seeing it in her home, so finding it stored away was quite interesting. I've tried looking it up, and all I could find is perhaps Chippendale? Its beautifully carved with two removeable ornately carved trays with then glass. The trays sit on recessed and raised wood work areas holding the trays in place. Beautifully carved claw and ball foot feet that resemble talons. Sides of table are also ornately carved. The dimensions are approximately 36" long, 18" wide, 18" tall. Any info on this sweet little coffee table will be appreciated. Smile

Dark wood
Distinguishing marks: 
No identifier name or date that I could find
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Found in family garage
For Sale?: 

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