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Thomasville Armour

This is a stunning and very well made Thomasville Armour it features two beautifully cut to fit mirrors one on the inside of each door.

The doors are three hinge and, the top molding is absolutely beautiful it wraps around completely. It has a bar to hang clothing and it also has a removable one shelf. There are three drawers that glide smoothly open very spacious. This piece of lovely furniture weights a few hundred pounds at the least. It is 100% solid wood absolutely no particle board the mirrors inside of each door are fitted and anchored down by screws no glue. It was made with an authentic American craftsmanship. 

American Furniture
Solid wood
Distinguishing marks: 
The molding that raps around the top is absolutely beautiful
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
6'8 by 1 '10 the width across is 4'2
At least 500 lb
IV only had it for about 6 months it was a gift for my birthday from a friend I'm not sure where he got it.
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