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Unique Florence Oil Range- is this the only one left?


i have a FLorence Stove Company.. model CJ21A.. its a 2 burner, mini, kerosene oil, range... its porcelain coated.. i believe its called chicago brown?.. i saw that description on a furnace.. of similar vintage and construction this is porcelain coated sheet metal, in amazing condition..i have not been able to find pictures of anything similar, only large units, or older cast iron units.. it has a metal tank on the back with a vision glass.. i have not seen anything similar other than the furnace.. this is a small unit hope someone can help

porcelain coated stamped sheet metal
Distinguishing marks: 
Florence Stove Co. CJ21A
Date Period: 
im not sure, i heard that the metal kero tanks were from the early 1900s, but then the stamped metal construction of the housing seems more like a wwII era.. i really need help, im winging it, with little experience to go on
Size and dimensions of this item: 
main housing with legs.. 12 deep, 21 wide, 29 high.... overall dimensions including open lid, rear tank and support, and knobs protruding from front...21,21,41.. front panel open adds about 8"
close to a sack of potatoes
i just stumbled across it online.. and figured, it woudl be a cool item to restore, and make usable again.. however, upon putting it up on the bench, and cleaning and investigating.. it became more intriguing .. PORCELAIN coated.. in damn good condition (all things considered).. freed up knobs, got all cobwebs out, tried to do some research.. and all i got is crickets!.. help me out here.. thanks
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