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Victrola 1929

VV 5-30 Victrola - Produced by Victor for sale soley for the Canadian market.  It was a floor phonograph with a medium-size Orthophonic horn, with a 2-spring motor and walnut finish.   It had no doors on the front.  It has a spring wound motor.  It was introduced in 1927 and discontinued around 1929.  It is likely that most of the machine was manufactured at Victor's plant in Montreal, Quebec, as it is a unique model to the Canadian market.  It sold new for $135.00.  Production number for this model are unknown, but it is not assumed that this was a very popular model at the time.

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VV 5-30 C 736 1929
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There is not much demand for these later models in the current market, demand last peaked back in the early 1990's, but they do have a dedicated group of Collectors who restore them. If everything else works it might go to $150.00- $200.00 at auction.

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