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Gold leaf plates

My grandfather rescued these plates from a hotel in Boca Ratón Glorida. They are leafed with 24k gold. They are in mint condition. We have a set of six plates. 

General Antiques and Collectibles
Ceramic with gold plating on edges
Distinguishing marks: 
L. Barth & Son
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Dinner plate
Rescued as an employee was destroying them. My grandfather and father’s initials were RP so they became a family heirloom.
For Sale?: 


Joseph's picture


I've seen similar L. Barth & Sons leaf gold soup bowls go for around $10. Aside from the provenance of L. Barth and the manufacturer, there is potential for increased value based on the history of hotel. Are you sure these aren't from the Hotel Royal Palm in Miami, Florida? If so, they could be worth significantly more from the history of the hotel and the Flagler family.

- Joseph

Lovejoy's picture

I agree with Joseph, most of the value for pieces like this is their provenance to a former owner or location, such as a famous hotel.

L Barth & Sons of New York were an important wholesaler of chinaware for hotels and railroads etc., which appears to have been in operation from around 1900 to c.1950.

The china plates etc were imported from a variety of countries including China, France and England, and generally marked by the original manufacturer as made expressly for L Barth.

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