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D'Orlan Spur Brooch

Hi!  Trying to find a value for this D'Orlan spur brooch.  Lots of other D'Orlan jewellery out there, but have not yet seen a similar brooch.  Any ideas would be appreciated!

Thank you.

Jewelry and Gemstones
Metal (gold plated?)
Distinguishing marks: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
1.75" long x .75" width
For Sale?: 


SissyBeans's picture

It is beautiful! I know a Canadian company (pretty sure) bought all of the D'Orlan pins. I have a cat pin with red eyes and it is signed and numbered but I don't know the age. If you look on Etsy to find D'Orlan you will see the name of the company that bought it and maybe they can tell you about when it was made. I have one pin they said was made 30 years ago. Hope I helped some! Great looking pin! D'Orlan did some awesome things!

SissyBeans's picture

Forgot to say! This same company I mentioned in my last comment has a pin just like one of mine and they are saying 22k! Probably plated but... Let me know if you FIND out what you need, ok? SissyBeans

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