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Kookaburra cup made in Bavaria

Hi from Australia!! (and Happy New Year) The 3 piece setting is smaller than a 'regular' size cup and saucer. It has gold trim but the most interesting feature is that it has a Kookaburra sitting on a flowering gum tree branch.  I am having difficulty reading underneath each piece.  It has a crown then underneath it says HEHSCHERZER OR LehScherzer, Bavaria.  The spelling has a florish & I am having trouble reading it correctly.  Each piece also has numbers, all different. Cup 0846 31. the saucer is 0845 9?, and plate 0845 92 these are hand drawn in gold and black. I hope someone can enlighten me.  Thanks!

Distinguishing marks: 
Bavarian china with KOOKABURRA.
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mumof2's picture

I have a saucer in the same pattern and like you, couldn't read the maker's name.  Have you had any success in finding anything about it?    Where did you get your's?   I found mine in a little Qld country town antique shop about 5 years ago.   I had never seen this pattern before or since.    I paid $10 for it and don't know whether I got a bargain or overpaid.  Regardless of the value, I love it.   

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