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Coppercraft Guild Mirror

Coppercraft Guild Mirror. Was my Grandma's so im not sure how old it is. Im wondering if anyone knows what its worth? or if its even worth anything?

Its about 24" high by 14" wide. I can get the exact measurements if needed.

I have more pics but it wont let me download them.

On the back it has MCMLXV,  DART IND and the number 2304 is on the back as well

General Antiques and Collectibles
no idea, I thought copper?? if not then its painted a copper color. Its heavy but not too heavy. pretty sure its not wood
Distinguishing marks: 
on the back - MCMLXV, DART IND and the # 2304 Also a sticker that says Coppercraft Guild
Size and dimensions of this item: 
approx. 24" height by 14" width but can get the exact measurements if needed.
Im VERY bad at guessing weight...5lbs maybe. I could be way off though
It was my Grandma's and that's all I know about it.
For Sale?: 


Miklos's picture

Not worth a lot.  I bought one myself a few months back with matching sconces and paid $16.50 with an asking starting bid price at a 24-hour auction of $14.00 Cdn.  Some styles, just like Syroco mirrors can vary in style and design, but I think of the two, Syroco are more sought after, and I've seen the value go up much higher for a Syroco than a coppercraft mirror.  I would say I bought mine fairly cheap.  If someone else was interested, the seller could have maybe obtained  a bit more - say no more than 10 bucks IMHO.

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