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Frederick Matzow wooded scene


This signed Frederick Matzow oil painting is in it's original frame.  The size is hard to find.  It's a wonderful 46" x 24" in frame.  The frame is a beautiful gold gilt with some minor cracking from age and a few chips.  The painting has cracking from age, but no other damage.  The painting is in excellent condition; however, it needs to be cleaned due to dust.

Oil on canvas with gold gilt frame
Distinguishing marks: 
Signed in lower right hand corner: F. Matzow
For Sale?: 


Bev Frenier's picture

Frederick Matzow signed oil painting, 46"x24" in frame.  The frame is original gold gilt.  The painting is a wooded scene with a river with two waterfalls.  The frame has a few chips and cracking due to age.  The painting has some cracking due to age.  Overall, the painting is in excellent condition; however, does need to be cleaned.  This large size is not easily found in a Frederick Matzow.  Painting is signed in the lower right hand corner: F. Matzow.

ryanllynch's picture

Frederick Matzow, 1861-1938, and active from 1912 until his death. Native of Norway, but immigrated to Conneticut where he became part of the Hudson River School movment, painting moody Romanticist landscapes of the country's vast virginal forests, mountains, coasts, and other monuments of geographic beauty. Such works were well collected throughout the turn of the 19th to the 20th century by American nouveau rich, before eventually falling out of style in favor of Impressionism. In that respect, Matzow is a bit of a hanger-on, a die-hard believer in the Hudson River School at a time when Impressionism was really coming into the vogue.

Hudson River and other pre-impressionist art is not selling terribly well right now, and as with all art, price is largely a factor of the notability of the artist. Unfortunately, Matzow's work has consistenly failed to meet even low estimates for his work at recent auctions, bringing in an average of $200-$400 against estimates of $400-$600, with the highest his work has ever brought being $800, and the lowest about $50.

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