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1000 faces - full set of 4

Dunno ?

Hi folks, I'm a first-timer here with a good deal of antiques from my parents.  The curved-glass china cabinet from my mom had a good deal of items most from around the 50's.   One of those items was what my parents called '1000 faces' china set.  They received the set from some 'real' folks from China, who were living in my grandparents hotel in Hallowell, ME.   I was told they brought these over from China themselves, giving them to my parents as a wedding gift, in 1947.  I don't doubt there are 1000 unique faces that seem to be hand-painted on the set.    it has some sentinmental value to me, but I don't have anyone to pass it down to.

I'd consider selling, but have no idea of the worth - it's a full set of 4 cups, saucers, 4.5" & 7"plates, etc...   I don't see any chips on any of the peices.  

Thanks very much,  Dale 

Distinguishing marks: 
RS Made in Japan
Date Period: 
A wedding gift to my parents in 1947
For Sale?: 


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I have a simular design as you the middle is the same as yours (the gold flowers in the middle).The same RS Made In Japan also, I know nothing about my piece I am on here to trying to find out the history of my set.I am frustrated that I can't find any details either!

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