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1940 Singer Sewing Machine Model 15? AF 500*** serial number with foot pedal

No idea

This is pretty much all I know. It looks old, but I dont know what it looked like to compare any type of condition. It's super cool looking to me, but I really dig old stuff and making it into cool new stuff. Before I go all custom guru like I love doing, I thought I better check to make sure its not worth a ton to someone the way it is. I do enjoy "libertaing forgotten things" and making everyone look again, but this was from right before WWII and it might mean a lot to someone as is. I have a HUGE amount of respect for the men and women of that generation, maybe because I grew up with my grandmother and she was the best woman I've ever known my entire life still to this day, so I may be biased, but I thought I better take the time and at least try to find some folks in the know to give me the scoop on this. Either way, I'm fine with the outcome. I'd gie it to someone right now if it meant a lot and was worth a lot. I don't care about the money, but that would let me know, how I should responsibily proceed. I guess at 50 I'm growing up, I have to say, 20 years ago, it would have already had some flames and spikes or something. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a ton!! ✌️

General Antiques and Collectibles
Distinguishing marks: 
Cool singer logo, looks like goldish bronzish nice stuff
Date Period: 
1940 according to what I could find based on the serial number
Size and dimensions of this item: 
sewing machine size
A lot I'd imagine
For Sale?: 


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