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1979 RC Gorman signed lithograph "seated woman"

 Family Owned RC Gorman 1979 lithograph. Signed and dated, for sale.

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artist's signature and date
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Lovejoy's picture

Gorham lithographs are quite numerous, we have listings for over 350 sold since 2004, the artist died in 2005. The theme of a "Native woman with pot" was one  used many times, currently at auction comparable examples to yours sell in the $300.00- $600.00 range depending on the venue of the sale.

MichaelGormanGallery's picture

I am not an appraiser nor do I offer authentications. However, I do deal in my uncles work and am quite familiar. There are many factors to consider.

You may have a poster print or a lithograph. There is a significant differerence in price, and you must be careful if it is a poster because the signature is a photo-reproduction along with the image.

The image is of a Lithograph created in 1978 called "Pottery Keeper". It is one of RCs more popular lithographs and does well as a poster too. There were two versions of the poster made. I'm sorry I don't know the sized off hand.

If there are two (2) signatures, you have a "double signed" poster, This is good. one signaure is a reproduction the other a real signautre that adds value.

If you have 1 signature and a number on the opposite side along with embossed stamp marks, you likely have an original lithograph.

There is a price list that was publish some years ago by westerm graphics. It is a good starting point. you can link to it here:

I currently have an UNSIGNED poster for sale in my gallery. with the frame and being in excellent condition, I am asking about $300. Unframed this poster has ranged $50-$150.

Good luck

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