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R.C. Gorman print or lithograph

I did not know who RC was but fell inlove with this print. I think it is a print but not sure because of the frame and glass. The signature looks authentic but I can't find this print anywhere and do not know what it is called. On the back it has the number and letter LS29. I do not dare take the paper backing off to see if there is anything else writen on the back. It is very well framed.


Distinguishing marks: 
R.C. Gorman
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Inside Matt 28X22
Found this print professionally framed at a Goodwill store.
For Sale?: 


MichaelGormanGallery's picture

I am not an appraiser nor do I offer authentications. I do carry my uncle's work and have become more familiar with it in recent years. I only offer to share information to help keep people informed about his work.

From your photo, I think you have either a poster print or an original pastel drawing. It is more likely a poster print. The best way to know what you have is to take the back off the frame (it's only paper that is attached with a special doublesided tape). A framer should be able to replace the backing for your very easily. you may even be able to get them to help you remove it all to get a closer look.

A poster will be very obvious. It will have a printed text (unless cut off) and be on heavy, but lamimated paper. RC would be rather particular with his drawing paper. If you do have an original. it will be a heavy textured paper. Likely it would have a watermark or stamp.

The lithographs are also prints, but a much more involved process than the posters. The style of line and color is a distinguishing factor. They would have a signature, a date, and a number written by hand along the bottom. There would also likely be embossed stamps along the bottom.

Poster can range from a few dolloars to a few hundred. Lithographs from a few thousand, and the originals to several thousand.

Good luck

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