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Large, 23" long, hand hammered Copper Table Bowl, with Horn Handles


This hand-hammered, copper table bowl is 25" long, and 11" wide. The handles are polished horn. It is in no way flimsy, and is heavier than it appears. It comes from an estate auction, along with many other vintage or antique pieces of coppee cookware, from Redding, CA. Thank you so much!

Copper and horn
Distinguishing marks: 
Unusual, kind of Norse looking, horn handles.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
25" x 11".
Unknown Estate item
For Sale?: 


sourcreamking's picture

I might be completely wrong here, but this looks a lot like something I have seen before. Could it be a wash basin/baby bathtub? I have seen several of those in the past, but none with such fine handles as yours. It might have been repurposed at some time and had the handles added? Or it could come from a wealthy family, I don't know.

Or possibly, it's a serving tray for large, whole animals such as pig etc. Both are found in scandinavia, but the shape reminded me more of a wash basin from looking at your photos.

Beautiful item!


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