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Mickey Mouse Plush Doll

This Mickey Mouse Plush Doll is in pretty good shape. There are no tears in the fabric and the filling is still very plump. There's a little paint worn off on his nose and mouth. He has two small black marks, one next to the left eye and one on his left cheek. They are superficial marks, not scuffs in the plastic. He could use a cleaning but has no mal-odor whatsoever.
The front of the tag reads:
Mickey Mouse, Copyright Walt Disney Prod, Gund Mfg Co.,I. Swedin Inc license, 200 5th Ave. NYC 10, NY. The reverse of the Tag reads: Gund Sani-foam, Foam Rubber Stuffed, RegTrade Mark #607.240, J Swedin Inc. Unfortunately there is no date on him anywhere.
He was either a gift to myself or my older brother from an aunt. He was on my bed ever since I can remember and remained there throughout my early youth. I found it in a plastic bag & boxed with my name on it at my Mom's after her death many years ago. Since she'd marked the box as mine, it leads me to believe it was a gift to me which puts it closer to 1957 than 1954. So he's about fifty years old.

Fabric cloth, soft plastic, plastic buttons, foam rubber filled
Distinguishing marks: 
Disney Copyright, Gund Mfg NYC
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
16 inches (top of ears to bottom of feet)
1 - 1.5 pounds
For Sale?: 
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