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It's a lovely work that must have taken the artist a long time to complete judging from the details. Is this painting an original antique painting or is it a modern work or copy for interior decoration?

Regardless, it's a beautiful piece that I would like to buy if and when you're ready to sell. I have similar items that are Japanese.  I'll offer $120 if an original work or $45 if a reproduction or copy.

Please let me know when you're ready.




Rilki's picture

Do you know the item's history, who owned it, how and when it was acquired?  It might help in narrowing down it's possible origin.  The item is possibly 18th or 19th century due to the painting style and calligraphy and rare for items from that period to remain in mint condition under just frame.  Both Chinese and Japanese Chinese artists use the same style of writing and painting this period so it's hard to tell for sure by reading the inscription and seal stamp if it's exclusively Chinese.


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