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Would like comments on this sail boat oil painting.Age? artist?Value? Signed by ferry or terry?Please help with any information..Thank you!!

Oil on canvas painting signed by artist Terry or Ferry? I can't make it out..measures 37 1/4" wide and 24 3/4 long..A tiny hole has been repaired  and can't  be noticed from front..I found this in my grandmothers attic and we had no clue how long she had it..Is it old or modern? The frame is huge and has carved decorations around the frame..I was hoping someone can tell me the artists name or the age of the painting.....Is it worth keeping around, or should I put it in my yardsale this summer????

oil on canvas
Distinguishing marks: 
artist signed. Terry or ferry or another name I'm not sure..
Date Period: 
not sure
Size and dimensions of this item: 
37 14" wide and 24 3/4" long
not sureb
Have no clue..Was found in my grandmothers attic..
For Sale?: 


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Paintings like this tend to be decorator pieces from the late 1960's forward, originally sold through department stores and travelling "Starving Artist" sales set up in hotel conference rooms. With oil paintings though, they really require the services of a Specialist appraiser and a physical examination to determine origins and vintage.

white heron's picture

The signature could be sailboat painter Fernez (around 1900-1980s.)

In the website below, if you scroll down you will see a great similarity in the way Fernez paints skies. Then we get to his signature. A scribbled “ez” could easily be translated as  “y.” Also signatures can change over time, particularly if the artist started as a teenager or early twenties and worked into old age. Notice the similarity in the way the letters are quite a distance apart from each other.

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