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Antique Upholstered Channel Back Chair

Hello Everyone, and thank you for taking the time to look at my chair.

Any information/knowledge offered by this community is greatly appreciated!

I am interested in knowing what it is exactly, when it was built, and current value.

The chair was recently given to me by my Aunt Sidney. Sidney was given the chair by her mother, who is alive at 102 years old. Apparently, Aunt Sidneys mother had the chair for her entire life. Knowing nothing about antique furniture, I gathered via google that this is a pre-1940 built Queen Anne channel back chair with mahogany wood cabriole front legs. The seat cushion is fixed permanently, and the gold upholstery is in clean, excellent condition. The only wear is where a sitters hands would rest at the top of the arms ends. The seat is very firm and supportive but also very comfortable. The entire chair is extremely solid and well built. The underside is covered with black fabric, attached with small nails. There are what look to be brass tacks following the contour on the fronts of the rolled arms. It seems to be “stuffed” very well, and generously on the back and sides. I don’t know with what it was stuffed, nor how long ago. Was it reupholstered at some point? I did not want to pull the nails out of the under cover to examine further without knowing my way around. My Aunties mother is unfortunately “unavailable” for questioning. There is waaay to much furniture for the family to go through to really know all the history accurately.

Again, any knowledge, info, and or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Sincerely, Alex

wood, fabric, stuffing
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
H36”x W29” x 27D
In my family since early 20th century
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