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HT Huang Huanglite Toucan lamp


I saw a HT Huang Toucan lamp a while ago and really liked it although it's not my style.  I bought it


since then a couple of people have said it's actually a known modern design lamp and that it could be worth money.  I paid hardly anything but if it turns out it's worth something I would like to insure it.

i have seen them online with the sticker at the bottom of the lamp stating its is approved in a lot of countries but mine is only showing approved in South  Korea which leads me to believe it's older.


could someone please give me some guidance? Thanks 

Lamps and Chandeliers
Distinguishing marks: 
H.T. Huang
Date Period: 
1980s I think
For Sale?: 


MarkBlemish's picture

From what I'm seeing online most of these have a European type plug. Is the white plug on yours an adaptor that can be removed or has it been permanently altered? Also is there a sticker on the bottom or raised lettering marks, those might help. What I've seen at Etsy they're selling from $75 to $275. 

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